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The HeartBeat Project SENEGAL

Give1Project Offices

Immeuble SCI Mané 2éme etage

Dakar, Senegal

Tel: +221 70 521 81 86

© 2017 by Rhythm & Remedy; Where Hip Hop Helps

Rhythm & Remedy Episode

"Mobilize with Rickey Thompson"


Rhythm & Remedy


Youth Empowerment

Music, Art & Education Global Workshops


Music Workshops

Music, Art & Education

The Building Process

Rhythm and Remedy empowers the youth through music, art and education. Building Music and Art Institutions domestically and internationally we cultivate change directly within the community with hands on creative based workshops. With a successful launch of recent Music Institution in West Africa (Dakar, Senegal) in dedication to AKON.


Rhythm & Remedy

Rhythm & Remedy visits The White House

White House Invitation

Rhythm and Remedy has had the pleasure of receiving an invitation to and visiting the White House three times. Each visitation allowed the opportunity for sharing the work we are doing across the globe, providing Music, Art & Education Workshops for the furthering of Youth Empowerment and Development.


Nosquito Spray

NoSquito Spray

Stop Malaria

NoSquito Spray is committed to providing assistance in the eradication of Malaria. NoSquito Spray is the first all Natural Bug Repellent being distributed in West Africa (Dakar, Senegal)

Nosquito Spray is produced in Dakar, Senegal and provides jobs for throughout the western region. 

We look forward to our expansion across the globe.  

Call or text now to see how

you can get involved!


Rhythm and Remedy recognizes the importance of education and having an organized Institute available to creatively express oneself on a global platform. Music with a message is our motto and so we encourage our students to utilize their voices in a positive manner not only to highlight issues in their communities, but to seek solutions that can create monumental change. Our youth is the future and if music guides them to a better promising lifestyle then they should have the outlets and avenues to pursue their dreams in an organized scholastic manner.