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Dakar Senegal (In dedication to AKON)


Music, Art & Education Institute specializing in workshops for: recording, songwriting, video editing,theater, graphic arts & more.
Rhythm & Remedy - Where Hip Hop Helps, specializes in building Music & Art Institutions around the globe. The HeartBeat Project is a Music & Art Program launched with Speak Up Africa, in Dakar, Senegal located at the Give1Project Offices. We offer workshop courses, providing training in music production, recording, song writing, engineering, online development, graphic design, video production, dance and other creative fields. Rhythm & Remedy recognizes the importance of education and having an organized Institute to creatively express yourself on a global platform. We are building tomorrow's leaders through the arts, providing hope and empowerment for young, gifted individuals in impoverished areas. Some change the world through doctorate or law degrees while others, trailblaze, fortifying change through music & arts. Interested in helping Rhythm & Remedy - Where Hip Hop Helps with our Global Expansion? Donate Today

Past Workshop Participants


(Dakar, Senegal)

Artist: Djemila


Artist: Races


Gaetan was the student who organized the production of the Zero Palu song

Artist: Gaetan


Artist: Elimila


Artist: Deyjo


Artist: XLAMD


Artist: Younes


Artist: Capalo


Zero Palu - by The HeartBeat Project Students

Music, Art & Education Workshop Episodes (Senegal)

Akon Visits The HeartBeat Project

Dakar, Senegal Launch

The HeartBeat Project - Episide 3

Birthing Ideas from Inspiration

The HeartBeat Project - Episode 1

Electronic Studio 101

The HeartBeat Project - Episode 2

Making a Beat Outdoors

The HeartBeat Project - Music



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The HeartBeat Project SENEGAL

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