Electronic Studio Training Workshops     

The HeartBeat Project A music and art Institute that is geared toward youth empowerment through the arts. The HeartBeat Project provides training in electronic studio, recording, production, engineering, songwriting, editing and so much more. Our workshop courses focus on creative based programs, giving students the platform to explore & create monumental change doing what they love. The HeartBeat Project was dedicated to Akon but he has no financial connection to this project. He is merely an ambassador supporting our vision. We are proud to say this was all made possible from hard work, dedication, contributions and our partners.

  Music, Art, Education & Mentorship             

Accelerated English Courses are imperative in countries where English is not the first language. We have found that in offering English Classes along with our creative courses it has helped students to excel beyond their expectations. Our unconventional teaching methods incorporating Music and Theater into the lessons allow students to retain the language a lot easier and also creates a healthy and fun learning environment.

  Youth & Women's Empowerment   

Rhythm and Remedy aims to focus on the interests and issues surrounding Youth and Women's Empowerment. We believe that the youth are the future and women are more than capable of finding solutions to many social issues in the world today.

 Our Health Initiatives - NoSquito Spray 

NoSquito Spray is an all natural mosquito repellent and insecticide created by Rhythm & Remedy to aid and assist in the eradication of Malaria. NoSquito Spray is safe for the environment and for all ages. The product can be applied directly on the skin, your clothing and can also be used as an insecticide.

For More information about NoSquito Spray please email: